Data holds the key to change.
D4C helps businesses move forward with the best data driven decisions.

About us

Established and run by a team of academics, D4C packs 30+ years of combined research experience in data science and mathematics. The trio met through Nesin Mathematics Village, and collaborated on various projects before teaming up at D4C. The team’s combined expertise enables solutions in a wide range of applications; natural language processing, manufacturing, insurance and finance to name a few.

D4C members regularly volunteer to offer courses and seminars in various venues including Nesin Mathematics Village. They have taken leading roles in online mathematics and data science platforms. The D4C team remains committed to sharing expertise and believes in the transformative power of data science for community.

İlker Birbil – Prof. of Data Science at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Academic Advisor at D4C.

Salih Durhan – Data Scientist and Director at D4C

Özgür Martin – Assoc. Prof. of Mathematics at Mimar Sinan University. Academic Advisor at D4C.



Discovery Suit

What can data analytics and artificial intelligence do for your business? Discover high value applications with D4C ideation workshops.

Diagnostics Suit

What does your data tell about efficiency, profitability and strategic goals? Let's measure the accuracy of your plans and foresight with a data-centric approach.

Forecast Suit

Discover what you can foresee with mathematical modeling artificial intelligence techniques.




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