D4C generates cash for businesses using data science and
artificial intelligence techniques.

How we do it?

Led by research mathematicians D4C converts theoretical understanding of data to measurable outcomes for business processes. D4C works closely with relevant business units to provide high value custom tailored solutions.


Discovery Suit

What can data analytics and artificial intelligence do for your business? Discover high value applications with D4C ideation workshops.

Diagnostics Suit

What does your data tell about efficiency, profitability and strategic goals? Let's measure the accuracy of your plans and foresight with a data-centric approach.

Forecast Suit

Discover what you can foresee with mathematical modeling artificial intelligence techniques.

About us

Theoretical knowledge in mathematics, statistics and artificial intelligence far exceeds what is currently available for practical applications. Standard techniques in data analysis and artificial intelligence do not suffice to cover the needs of businesses. Co-founded by Salih Durhan and Ozgur Martin, D4C aims to deliver high value solutions for businesses using conceptual depth and understanding in data science.


Ahter Sok No 9, Caferağa Mahallesi, Kadıköy, İstanbul

+90 538 062 1961